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Meet Todd- The Customer of the day (and all around resident handyman)
January 23, 2009, 10:41 pm
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This is Todd, he is a local carpenter and regular customer here at Simply Gourmet. Like alot of other people Todd is struggling to find jobs this time of year and has been super kind even so to donate his time to help me out around the shop with random here and ther projects. Today he even helped me install my new sign!!!! Thanks for all your help and continued support Todd. If you need someone that is super proffessional and very reasonably priced, give Todd a call and tell him I sent you.

Todd Spirito


Todds Favorite Sandwich

The Early Bird

Oven roasted turkey breast

Homemade cranberry sauce with orange zest

Shallot and thyme stuffing

Roasted Garlic Mayo

Then the whole sandwich is pressed with a brick onto the skillet and brushed with butter

****The Early Bird is a seasonal item and will return in the spring****

And the sign that he helped me install

Sign by Signtronix


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Nice looking sign you have on your store front! It has been fun to what what you are starting to do on here with the customer of the day, your story and such.

Wishing you the best in your endeavors!

Comment by southplatte

Todd seems like a great guy! Good sandwhich choice!

Comment by Brandie

I love the sign! Many thanks to Todd for helping you put it up 🙂

Comment by Char James-Tanny

Great job putting up that sign Todd! I would have jumped on a plane to put that sign up for a few free sandwiches. I guess “The Early Bird” gets the worm. Anyway, thanks for mentioning my company – hope that sign brings you much success. We might be looking for a few handy hard workers in the Boston area – drop us a line. Regards, Dave

Comment by Signtronix

very nice, but where’s the twitter or blog url? and I’m thinking you should have dropped in that hotdog wrap pic or that potato salad masterpiece. I hope you’ve been sending those pics to flickr or heck, why not submit to cooking mags and try to get sideline dough (pun intended) writing articles. Now you’re starting to Mac (n cheese.)

Comment by Stefan Holt

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